The NetworkHelper class provides functionality to monitor changes in network connection and allows users to query for network information without additional lookups.

It exposes network information though a property called ConnectionInformation. The ConnectionInformation holds information about ConnectionType, ConnectivityLevel, ConnectionCost, SignalStrength, Internet Connectivity and more.

What is a metered connection? A metered connection is an Internet connection that has a data limit or cost associated with it. Cellular data connections are set as metered by default. Wi-Fi network connections can be set to metered, but aren't by default. Application developers should take metered nature of connection into account and reduce data usage.


// Detect if Internet can be reached
if (NetworkHelper.Instance.ConnectionInformation.IsInternetAvailable)

// Detect if the connection is metered
if (NetworkHelper.Instance.ConnectionInformation.IsInternetOnMeteredConnection)

// Get precise connection type
    case ConnectionType.Ethernet:
        // Ethernet
    case ConnectionType.WiFi:
        // WiFi
    case ConnectionType.Data:
        // Data
    case ConnectionType.Unknown:
        // Unknown

You can find more examples in our unit tests

Requirements (Windows 10 Device Family)

Device family Universal, 10.0.10586.0 or higher
Namespace Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp